Read 'Let's Talk About Johnny'

Poor, poor Johnny.

Read 'Failure By Degrees'

Man, why am I hoarding money on an abandoned space station? Why do I have to be told three times in five minutes that I need to shoot the limbs off the monsters? Why does shooting the limbs off the monsters even make sense?

Read 'Gears of War 2'

All I wanna do is hide behind a wall and kill some lizard monsters with my shotgun.

Read 'To All The Scouts I've Loved'

If you've ever had a nephew explain his Pokemon team to you then you know what I'm going to do here. Sorry. Short version: I am in love with this game.

Read 'What About The Oasis?'

Even the best games have their problems (major Fallout 3 ending spoilers, ahoy!)

Read 'The Situation At Tenpenny Tower'

Sometimes a game just makes you wish you did nothing at all (warning: sidequest spoilers).

I Wish I'd Bought Fallout 3 On The PC

Read 'I Wish I'd Bought Fallout 3 On The PC'

I hate the Xbox controller and the stupid 1970s monitor colors.

Read 'Metal Gear Solid 4'

All apologies for the lateness, I finally managed to curtail my excessive editing of this article. So here it is: a mismatched jumble of thoughts I had about Metal Gear Solid 4. Contains lots of spoilers, but you've had four months to play the game. Get on it already!

Read 'Saling Chicago: Street Sick'

Buying in a fog.

Read 'Saling Chicago: Lucky Rabbit's Foot'

Eightball in the Game Gear pocket.

Read 'Victorious Elation'

Reveling in single-player accomplishments.

Read 'Confessional Games'

Where are all the interactive confessors?

Read 'Picross DS: Bonus.'

Saving the best for last.

Read 'LinkUp: Wii Boxing the Arts'

Filmspaces, the Contra Hearings, folk-guitar heroes, and more.

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