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June 2, 2008Glenn Turner

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Wii Boxing at the Reykjavik Arts Festival - "My companion noted that it must be the first time a Wii has been used in an artwork." Maybe? All I know is that the accompanying photo is strangely surreal, and I want to know more.

Chris Sims on The Contra Hearings - When Chris Sims isn't busy reviewing comics, he's transcribing notes from mid-80s Contra hearings. Only, these ones lack Oliver North and instead focus around Lt. Bill Rizer, Sgt. Lance Bean, the controversy of employing Wily Robotics and deficient power-ups. Yes, this one is for retrogaming geeks only and it's hilarious.

Filmspace - Old-school gamers may remember when the pages of Nintendo Power and sundry other video game magazines were littered with screenshot-based maps, intricately detailing the environments to lead you hand-in-hand through each level. While this art project, which captures the physical expanse of a select number of films, isn't directly game-related it, certainly recalls those memories. Godard's Weekend lends itself particularly nicely to their efforts!

Acoustic Citizen - The McSweeney humorists take a swipe at Guitar Hero with their imaginary folkist rendition, aptly titled, Acoustic Citizen. "If you're old enough to remember when Woody Guthrie released Dust Bowl Ballads or young enough to recall hardcore makeout sessions to Iron and Wine, Acoustic Citizen is the folk-music simulation for you."

Cello Challenge [FLASH] - And speaking of Guitar Hero, why don't you step into my world with Cello Challenge? This concept is just begging for a fully fleshed-out Wii version.

An Interview with Jens Andersson - Lastly, I finally had the pleasure of working through Jens Andersson's magnificent (if a bit rough-around-the-edges) freeware adventure game Rorschach, and Modojo's interview with him is nicely low-key and enlightening, just like his game! Play Rorschach, if you haven't already, then check it out!

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#1 unitdaisy Jun 6, 2008 08:05pm

I don't think I am going to awarded first chair anytime soon. Even though 3310 points sounds like a lot it my music actually sounded pretty scratchy. I was disappointed that the instructions were in English and then the congratulatory explanation of my score was in German. Still bring on the Wii version - my Mii is a much better musician than I.