June 27, 2008Glenn Turner

It's been two years but we're finally back on the streets of Chicago, one couple pawing through strangers' garages in search for game and geek-based treasure! Need to catch up on our prior garagesaling exploits? Check out the archives!

Glenn: Hey, over the last two years I learned how to wake up like a real early-bird garagesaler! Unfortunately, unitdaisy apparently used those two years to learn how to oversleep. We didn't leave the house until nearly 10am!

unitdaisy: Now really, I hardly think it was my fault. It just the sheets are so comfy, so very (yawn)...

Glenn: Granted, I was still somewhat groggy as we trudged to the first sale, but what we found woke me up like a slap to the face. I know it's not the best Space Quest but, it's pristine and waiting for me to crack it open!

unitdaisy: But it's so hard to open something that has remained in its original packaging for so long. After a time the artifact value outweighs the immediate pleasure value.

Glenn: The next sale didn't look too promising from afar. Clothes hanging off of trees read as gigantic 'CAUTION: DISAPPOINTMENT AHEAD' signs to me.

unitdaisy: Me, too. No one is ever selling their Dior couture off a clothes line.

Glenn: But apparently the one of the two female proprietors was madly getting rid of an oddball assortment of quality comics! I scored this Drawn and Quarterly for a buck!

Glenn: Eightball! Action Girl! Some random, but intriguing, Dark Horse Comics anthology! All ours now!

unitdaisy: When are we going to pick up a new bookcase, too? It seems our most frequent purchases come with pages.

Glenn: Still aglow from the wealth of comics we found, we trundled over to the next sale and found...

Glenn: Mullets. Hmmm, I have plenty of pleasure in the back, but I could do with some business up-front ...

unitdaisy: Huh-un. All business or all pleasure, I don't go halfsies.

Glenn: What's tackier than trying to sell tape dubs of CDs?

unitdaisy: Selling the CDs after you've burned them all to your hard drive.

Glenn: Dancing Cowboy Santa! And the seller specifically set the stereo out there so all could be hypnotized by his wide, gyrating hips.

unitdaisy: Santa does not have birthing hips.

Glenn: After being disgusted by Santa, we fled for safer grounds: The thrift stores.

Glenn: Everyone loves 16mm! Anyone want to see some student films??

unitdaisy: Not my realm of student expression.

Glenn: While I was still buzzing about Space Quest 6 and our supreme (but not Supreme) comics haul, I was a bit glum that we hadn't stumbled upon more games. But then unitdaisy spied two oddly shaped cases on the thrift store wall.

unitdaisy: I'm perspicacious!

Glenn: They were Game Gear cases, and both were packed to the gills with games, manuals, Game Gear accessories, and even Game Gears.

Glenn: And thanks to some sweet-talking by unitdaisy, we managed to swap the games in the worn, stained case with the games in the pristine case, and managed to get a discount on it somehow: $27 instead of the marked $30. Oh, and it even came with some accessories and items of interest...

unitdaisy: I'm silver-tongued!

Glenn: ...such as this fantastically "preserved" lucky rabbit's foot that was stuffed in with the manuals. I wonder just how long it's suffocated in that case.

unitdaisy: OK, now I'm just creeped out.

Glenn: And now, thanks to this outing, I inexplicably have more Game Gears than brick-shaped Game Boys (three vs. two). But, no matter how you look at it, the end result was a bargain. Plus, thanks to the A/C adapter, I can finally stop buying AA batteries in bulk whenever I want to turn this piece of SEGA history on.

unitdaisy: Soon we can open our own video game museum!

Glenn: To cap the day off, we checked out the newly opened Italian sandwich shop around the corner and lunched on fine meats and bread (even if I wasn't a fan of the tapenade they slathered on my sandwich). I'd say it was a successful outing, wouldn't you?

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6 comments for ‘Saling Chicago: Lucky Rabbit's Foot’

#1 WholeFnShow Jun 28, 2008 04:02am

That Game Gear haul is freaking magical. It looks so clean and nice, and the manuals too! Amazing. I feel as if I have to share my recent portable awesomeness too. Coming off of a roadtrip/vacation to NYC, some friends and I got wind of a Hideo Kojima Meet n'Greet. The results were as follows:

The other Hancock is, who I assume to be, the main female lead in MGS4. I'm really not sure. Pretty awesome, and more stern of a handshake than I expected.

Also, I personally, would like to know the full plot and history of Action Girl. Too good.

#2 jt-3d Jun 30, 2008 12:34am

Welcome back to saling! Yeah that was a nice haul on the GameGear stuff. GameGear is awesome.

Those folks selling the tape copies are lucky RIAA didn't swoop down on them wearing their fashionable raid jackets.

#3 Glenn Turner Jun 30, 2008 12:38pm

Congrats on the Kojima goodness, Show! That's pretty slick.

By the way, Action Girl is a keen short-story comic compilation overseen by Sarah Dyer, who also works with/is married to Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese, Welcome to Eltingville, Space Ghost). I haven't actually read this issue yet, but I'm sure it's quality!

#4 WholeFnShow Jul 2, 2008 07:57pm

Ah, Welcome to Eltingville. That will forever be the show that I am saddest and happiest to have never recieved anything more than a pilot. It just couldn't have topped that first episode.

#5 weaz Jul 8, 2008 11:43pm

Seriously, when ARE you going to open your gaming museum?

#6 quazz4life Aug 4, 2008 10:52pm

That Game Gear haul is very nice, Mr Turner. The most I've been able to find here is a broken Nomad.

And show? I'm envious of your schwag.