Gears of War (XBOX 360)

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Gears of War isn't what prompted my move into High Definition, but it's damn-sure a step in the right direction.

Miission Accomplished

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Wii have lift-off!

Broadcasting Million Dollar Mouse Clicks

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Remember the previously mentioned the Worldwide Web Games Championship? The million dollar competition is finally being broadcast.

Lamenting the Memory Card

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Ignore slot B to continue.

Weekend Activities for the Karaoke Inclined

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So you say you don't care about the PS3 or the Wii this weekend? That's fine, but it does rather limit the number of public gaming activities available to you this weekend...

Why Should We Want Episodic Games?

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Episodic gaming's potential weaknesses, strengths, and why we should and should not give a damn (based on the wisdom of Noel Murray).

Gamephemera: SCRAM (Atari 400/800)

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Thermodynamic systems aesthetics & appreciation.

You got LEGO in my Video Game!

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You got Video Game in my LEGO!

So, as I promised, here are the my newest brick'd game kitbashings.

God Hand (PS2)

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Playing God Hand guarantees an impetuous style and impregnable defense. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of two or three broken DualShock controllers.

Chi-Style Drunksaling: Vol. 5.11 - Last Call

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Last call, last call for collectibles and aging PC games! Last call!

Guitar Hero 2 Chicago Release Party

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You know a game is going to be big when makeshift release parties start popping up for them...

Read 'Okami: Gorging on Excess'

Wolf in the henhouse.

Dressed to Rock this Demo

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I have the worst luck when it comes to pre-orders, so that's why I like Best Buy's current Guitar Hero 2 pre-order deal...

Sam & Max: Culture Shock Impressions

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Late-night thoughts, posted mid-afternoon, naturally.

Drunksaling Solo

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Alone, and on foot, searching for something in a whole lot of nothing.

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