Read 'Simplify, Simplify!'

We're back, and we brought a new look and features with us!

Read 'Chiptunesday - Golden Shower: Video Computer System'

Don't let the name fool you - this band won't rain on your parade.

Read 'Cake Mania & Managing Quality of Life'

Cake Mania is no Recipe for Success.

Read 'Nervous Brickdown & the Space In-between'

What gameplay exists between screens?

Read 'Chiptunesday - Klangstabil: Sprite Storage Format'

Inventive noise via Game Boy channels.

Read '“Bit Poppers, Chipsters, and Bitsters” - More Art of Play'

It's hard to believe it's time for the second Art of Play Ohm Multimedia event already!

Read 'Chiptunesday - Little Computer People'

You're the master; you're the key.

Read 'Lilting Through Kororinpa'

Finely marbled.

"The Video Game Soundtrack of Our Lives"

Read '"The Video Game Soundtrack of Our Lives"'

While we enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer by neglecting our writing duties, others are working hard to entertain this season. Case in point, starting this Saturday, the Chicago Cultural Center is hosting a series of chiptune concerts!

Read 'Puzzle Quest - Matching for Closure'

Waiting for the final gem to fall.

An NES Theremin

Read 'An NES Theremin'

Not just a theremin housed in an NES!

Saling the Thrift Store Gamut

Read 'Saling the Thrift Store Gamut'

It's not a full-blown garage saling game trip, but I managed to dip my toe into a few local thrift stores this week!

Read 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (PC)'

Is it possible to hate and love a game at the same time? S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is simultaneously totally perfect and totally wretched, but the parts that are worth puttering through are damn-sure worth puttering through.

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