Read 'LinkUp: This Silent Coil'

Sequential Silent Hill, wrist-based icons, keyboard mashing, and more.

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A matter of life and death.

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The times, they are a-changin'.

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One murderous turn brings about another.

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Won't you be my neighbor?

Read 'Notepad: Feeding Cookies to Moai During the Civil War'

Notes from my gaming underground.

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Examining the burgeoning need for console-based backups.

Read 'Hoarding and Waiting'

Are my actions prudent, or pathological?

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Tasty tchotchkes in the uncanny valley.

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Did Santa bring us coal, or delicious candy?

Read 'Resolute: Being a More Productive Gamer in 2008'

Resolving to get more from my gaming.

Read 'Resolute: Resolved in 2007?'

Taking stock of the old before tackling the new.

Read 'The Simpsons Game'

A victim of its own platformer trappings.

Read 'Silent Hill: Origins'

I think I played this one already.

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