Cold Fear (PS2)

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It seems like every other article I'm posting about how much survival horror sucks these days. Today is no exception! ...and neither is Cold Fear...

8-bit Okami

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Sure, Clover Studio's stylishly intriguing game Okami doesn't come out in the U.S. until September, but you can play it today! Well, an 8-bit simulacra of it.

Killer8-- or Killer9? Heroes.

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We usually try to refrain from posting game announcements and footage news, but this is too cool to resist. The clever enthusiasts at The Wiire have an exclusive trailer for Suda 51's new Wii title, Heroes. Originally set to be revealed at E3 earlier this year, for reasons unknown the trailer has been buried -- until now. I'd be lying if I said that the game didn't look (and sound!) like the spiritual sequel to last year's excellent Killer7, and the prospect of taking another dip into that world - wiimote in hand - excites me dearly.

"love 8bit musik"

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A week ago I accidentally stumbled on the Children of DOS site, a self-proclaimed '8bit 7bit 6bit sexbit mp3 internetlabel'. I'm still sorting through their catalog, but I'm especially impressed with 777minus111's material, whose trio of tributes to 8-bit music I stole for this journal's title (Part One and Part Three are especially good). His compositions aren't as chirpy or as textured as most chiptunes I've heard, instead they're evenly paced and even a little somber, but never too heavy...

Pong & Space Invaders Human Reproductions

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In this case, it's Pong and Space Invaders recreated frame-by-frame in a large auditorium, using people as pixels. The Pong video is OK, but the Space Invaders video is a must-see.

Chi-Style Drunksaling: Vol. 5.3 - Family Matters

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This week some sales (and consoles!) aren't what they seem.

Lazy, Hazy Summer

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We're back from our (extended) July 4th vacation, and what better way to celebrate than to post a new article?

But why write about a fifteen-year-old port? Simply because it's summertime and we're straddling video game generations, which means that there's just not a whole heck of a lot out in the new release department right now.

Consequently, for the rest of the summer I'll be digging through the hundreds of games garnered through our garage saling activities, trying to mine them for content. That's not to say we'll

Columns: Glimmering Sights & Sounds (Game Gear)

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Night falling on a jewel-encrusted skyline...

Worms: Open Warfare (DS) - Withered on the Sidewalk

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These poor little worms should have stayed in the ground.

I Think We Need to Hit Up More Pawn Shops

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SiliconEra reports that a reader named 'oleanhosting' bought out a pawn shop's entire video game collection, a not-insignificat (but dusty) selection of consoles (including a Virtual Boy, several third-generation Genesis consoles (and a dozen first-gen ones), as well as a Sega Master System), plus baskets full of games.

Chi-Style Drunksaling: Vol. 5.2 - Down in the Park

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We find fortune in a number of unlikely places this week, but not before losing our way in the big city. Also, a traumatizing run-in with a CD-i game lurks somewhere in this write-up. Which one? Read on to find out.

Half-Life 2: Episode One - Where's the Beat?

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Have you ever turned on the radio to catch the end of a familiar song but you just can't find the downbeat and, as a result, the song sounds disjointed, even alien, to your ears? I can't help but feel that similar circumstances plagued my time with Half-Life 2: Episode One, as I seemingly wandered through the game without ever finding its pulse....

Chi-Style Drunksaling: Vol. 5.1 - On the Road Again

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It's the first week of our fifth year scoring garage sales for the video game jackpot - will we find feast or famine?

The Mother of All Garage Sales

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Boy am I jealous. My better half and I finally just hit the garage sale circuit last weekend for the first time this year, and we found absolutely nothing that even begins to compare to what GameSetWatch is reporting...

International Chiptune Resistance Tour 2006 - Chicago Remarks

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Feel the allure of the chiptune faction.

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