SiN: Emergence

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SiN is Ritual Entertainment's first foray into episodic content. Given the results, I'm kind of hoping it'll also be their last.

Casual Gamers Compete for a Million on TV

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Nuts to hardcore gaming outfits hitting the small screen - the Game Show Network is bringing the guilty pleasures of Solitaire, Bejeweled (well, technically Bejeweled 2) and Zuma by airing the $1,000,000 Worldwide Webgames Tournament in December on GSN (previously known as the Game Show Network)....

Allegedly Rare 'Uncensored' Silent Hill 1 Version Up for Auction

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I remember reading some time ago about the so-called changes that were made to Silent Hill between its appearance at an early E3 show, most notably the excising of 'devil children' who populated the town. Well, if this eBay auction is to be believed, a playable copy has reared its head...

All the Silent Hill Endings, All Lined Up

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The ambitious site game-endings.co.uk, has an admirable purpose: to bring to the public a repository of video game endings so that, even if someone isn't patient enough to play through Eternal Darkness three times to receive the 'ultimate ending', they can still see what they missed out on...

International Chiptune Resistance: Second Leg

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We've been tracking the International Chiptune Resistance with some fervor and are delighted that the second leg of their North American tour commences in Los Angeles tonight. Check the dates below for the closest city near you, then make plans to invade it...

You got Plasma in my Pong!

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Tomorrow is today. Last year, when I was reporting at Wired's NextFest, I commented on the curiousity that was psychic Pong entitled Brainball, which was none other than a version of the popular table tennis game requiring strenuous mental concentration to best your opponent...

"I Will Be Making Smash Bros."

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No, I'm not making Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but Masahiro Sakurai is! Over at Smash Bros. Dojo, the official Smash Bros. site, they've posted a story called "I Will Be Making Smash Bros.". The tale, pieced together from a few of Sakurai's Weekly Famitsu columns, whimsically details how he became involved with the project, despite having left the comfort of second-party Nintendo developer HAL Laboratories a couple of years ago...

Molded Snake

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Wow, toymakers move quickly when they want to, don't they? Kojima Productions have announced the upcoming release of a 12"-tall Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Snake figure.

I have to say, the figurine looks pretty smart. It'd probably look better next to a papercrafted Metal Gear Rex though.

E3 2006 Roundtable: Wii Smash Pinatas

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E3 has blustered out of our lives for the time being, but the repercussions of this staged event will reverberate for months to come. Join us as we chew over our favorite suprises, biggest disappointments and other future-game news in our annual E3 feature.

Super Augmented Mario Reality Invaders

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The ever-industrious We Make Money Not Art brings us news of more people morphing video games into real-life concept pieces. First up is the Nintendo Amusement Park, a very special place where you can strap on Mario's boots & mustache and jump like you've been infused with hearty mushroom goodness. Unfortunately watching the commercial for this concept piece makes it look much better on paper than in execution, although their vision page shows that they're definitely not short of ambition....

Don't Be Afraid

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We Make Money Not Art's recent discovery of the experimental games project/alternate reality game Troy reminded me of a day before I Love Bees and prior to The Beast. In Troy, you're trying to hunt down a copy of a game (the titular Troy, often prying your nose where you shouldn't be in order to get it. Way back in 1997 though, my friends and I were trying to do the same with a similarly elaborate scheme concocted by Information Society front-man Kurt Harland...

My Least Favorite Things About Gaming: Reflections

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This may not even be a problem for you, depending on what type of television you have or the angle you sit at while gaming, but I have an old-fashion standard definition television with a terribly reflective screen. Occasionally, while I'm engrossed in a game such as Silent Hill 3, I'll be on the edge of the couch, hunched over, brow furrowed, in otherwords, completely immersed in my avatar and the game's universe. I'll go to open up a door, knuckles tensing as I nervously try to anticipate what might be in the next room. Then the screen goes to black and I see...

Silent Hill - The Film: A Roundtable for Pyramid Head

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Which realm does Christophe Gans' celluloid adaptation of Silent Hill fall under: normal, foggy or nightmare? Mr. Riley and Mr. Turner debate this, and more, in the following roundtable.

Real-Life Luigi's Mansion

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We Make Money Not Art has a look at what appears to be no less than an attempt to recreate Luigi's Mansion. From the backpack-style vacuum to the spotlight (and the obvious ghoul-capturing), this augmented reality project certainly does is transport me back to the halcyon days of the Gamecube's launch!

Then again, this flyer for the device reminds me of Typing of the Dead so, maybe I just see what I want to see.

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