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The Mother of All Garage Sales

June 9, 2006 By Glenn Turner

Boy am I jealous. My better half and I finally just hit the garage sale circuit last weekend for the first time this year, and we found absolutely nothing that even begins to compare to what GameSetWatch is reporting.

Basically, while vacationing in the Hamptons, eBay seller jollerancher stumbled upon a garage sale helmed by an ex-Nintendo employee, and what a sale it was. For about $40, jollerancher walked away with 100 assorted NES and SNES games, all to the tune of $40.

Now that would have been a decent haul, even if they were relatively common games but, see, these weren't your run-of-the-mill retail carts. Many were test carts, prototypes and debugging kits, and before he knew it, jollerancher was now the proud owner of an extremely rare US Earthbound prototype (now the second of two copies known to exist,and currently selling for close to $3000), as well as the new holder of the only known copy of Nintendo Campus Challenge.

There's quite a bit more to see, and he was kind enough to post pictures of his earnings. You can read the whole story in his words at his StarFox Super Weekend Competition Game auction, but I'm flummoxed. We've happened upon some great finds in our four, five years game saling, but I think I'd wet myself if I stumbled upon the bundles of joy he found.

While on the subject, we are actually planning on starting up the whole game saling report again, and even have the seeds planted for the first thrift-based article of the new year. Until then, our "drunksaling" archives are still available, although I think it's about due for a name change. Hopefully we'll think of something soon!

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2 comments for ‘The Mother of All Garage Sales’

#1 TrueTallus Jun 9, 2006 12:35pm

Lucky bastard. At least I can be happy at the prospect of new drunksailing articles...

#2 D. Riley Jun 9, 2006 01:01pm

That is... pretty unbelievable. Lucky doesn't begin to describe it!