Gamer Remix Review #14: Binster - ICO (Icon OC ReMix)

May 5, 2004 By Glenn Turner

I'm a big fan of video games. I'm also a huge music fan, especially of the electronic variety. Merging the two is one of life's more delicious inventions, like peanut butter & jelly or computers and a musty basement. Unfortunately, it appears that all too many people have not been exposed to this niche genre of music so in order to illuminate and thwart our current update policy, every Tuesday I'll take a short look at one of many fine video game remixes.

This week's remix: Binster - ICO Icon (OC ReMix)

There are two things will have me salivating at a remix: when it is stylistically likened with the A Scholar & A Physician (ASAP) dirty remix of Super Mario Brothers, or an ICO remix. The latter isn't so much because ICO was musically memorable, but because of previous stunning ICO remixes (and the outstanding quality of the actual game of course). So, when I heard that Binstar was affiliated, and shared the same musical sidewalk with ASAP, well let's just say that my already askew priorities were irresponsibly shuffled to hear Icon immediately. And despite the mountains of hype I formed in my head within the limited number of seconds I had to wait to download it, Binstar's mix definitely does not disappoint.

Icon opens almost enigmatically (both in spirit, as well as akin to the namesake) with a small vocal sample from the game and progresses through a period of quiet, contemplative and soothing electronic tones before punching you right in the breadbox with a couple of handfuls of DSP goodness. Then, like nothing happened, it winds back down the same soulful harmonic trail again. A few more abrasive elements are peppered throughout the latter half of the mix, such as some flanged out sections that compliment and add edge to the mix without ever feeling out of place. Finally, Binster brings it all together and bookends with another vocal sample peppered with a few additional effects.

While Icon may not be your prototypical arrangement, it certainly has a distinct sound - one that hypnotizes and bends you to its will. While some moments are disruptive, they are eased in at a pace that you become comfortable with, moments you learn to love as the mix repeats over and over, feeling more and more like an inescapable Moebius strip with each listen. Oh, and according to his site, a long version will be featured on a future E.P. I can only hope it tantalizes as much as this current mix.

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