Chicago-Style Drunksaling - The Lost Posts #2

April 9, 2003 By Glenn Turner

Back in the day when Chicago didn't resemble the arctic tundra, unitdaisy and I were so inspired by drunkgamers.com's garagesaling adventures that we went out about Chicago, scrounging for games. Often we returned home empty handed to post our experiences in the Drunkgamer's Message Forum. However, there were a few times we were lazy and never quite got around to posting them.

Until mid-April when the sales in Chicago start up again and we head off for brand new crap, we will be posting an old, unseen encapsulation of last year's treks each week.

Oh, and for those unfamiliar with the term garagesaling it's simple: you wake up far too early in the morning on the weekend and go out to garage sales looking for something (preferably videogame related) while wishing you were still in bed. You can picture for yourself what drunksaling is. Or just see below.

The following events take place on October 12th, 2002. And oh, how we suffered.

peccaui: Back in the day when Flexo meant something, this wooden butler reminded us of his retarded little brother. He couldn't play Gyroscope, but man could he dance!

peccaui: What's that song that everyone loves from Top Gun?

unitdaisy: Axel F? Can't Hide that Loving Feeling? The one that all the stupid frat boys actually try singing to girls mistakenly thinking it will impress them?

peccaui: I'm sorry I asked.

unitdaisy: Over $300 value? And how can you have over two hundred scenarios when you're harpooning a whale?

peccaui: I think you underestimate the cleverness of whales.

peccaui: We should have bought that Pico when we had the chance.

peccaui: Everyone wants singing cats! I bought it for unitdaisy to keep her company when she was away from my kitties.

unitdaisy: At least the cd doesn't shed.

unitdaisy: No comment.

peccaui: What she said.

peccaui: Mastering yesterday's software -- today! I gots l33t Word skills!

peccaui: I hid this from unitdaisy at the time - she's obsessed with Battleship. You can't even play chess with her because she plays by Battleship rules. Do you know how frustrating it is to have your Queen knocked out because it's on "B-4"! I sunk your Queen Elizabeth!

unitdaisy: You're just unhappy because I always win.

peccaui: I can't believe I didn't take this wasteridden folder when I saw it. Maybe we should give up garagesaling and just go dumpster diving instead.

unitdaisy: You smell like a dumpster - so it wouldn't be much of a change.

peccaui: Wait a secon....

unitdaisy: Monkey!

peccaui: (Don't encourange her. Or Tim Burton.)

peccaui: Were you scoping out that Subaru? Is that a Subaru? I don't think you need it.

unitdaisy: Why not? It would certainly be easier to hit all these sales if we had a car!

unitdaisy: If I knew then what I know now..

peccaui: It's crap, but strangely compelling ...

peccaui: I sincerely hope all of this wasn't in their bathroom cabinet.

unitdaisy: That poor cow/oxen thingy! Someone must have been really hungry to have eaten his leg.

peccaui: Worst comic book store Ever. I think we all know why this place was closing up shop - everything must go. We went, hoping to score a few deals. And this was all we found.

peccaui: And yes, it was as dirty as it looks. I can't even believe it ever passed inspection. Or it didn't, and he actually lived there. Using the comics as a waste receptacle. Or, more likely, the overpriced Star Trek books that unitdaisy was fondling.

unitdaisy: Dirty, scary, going-out-of-business comic book stores should not charge so much for Star Trek books, it was disgraceful!

peccaui: Why didn't we run ?!

peccaui: My version of Deer Hunter.

peccaui: Hey, at least we found one game! Too bad it looks like ass. And I don't have a Sega 32x.

peccaui: After so much hardship, we stopped by an "Irish Pub" to drink ourselves into a coma. Unfortunately, it was faux Irish as we soon found out.

unitdaisy: I think they actually imported the timber or stone from Ireland and but then runied it by making it into an Irish TGIF.

peccaui: I think you're gullible.

peccaui: A block away, there was an awful vegan restaurant that was having a fire/water/wind/crap sale. They actually had a few newer games, but nothing worth paying for.

unitdaisy: Vegan restaurant? Mmmm meat compost substitutes. Really I dont know why vegetarian/vegan restaurants can't concentrate on making good food out of vegetable instead of trying to imitate meat and failing horribly.

peccaui: I don't ever want to go into another comic book store ever again. This one scarred me for life.

Lesson of the Week: If a comic book store is going out of business, it's probably for a damn good reason.

Find of the Week: unitdaisy bought a copy of The Last of the Mohicans. That almost counts.

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