Lucky Wander Boy (Literature)

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In the last of our contemporary gaming literature reviews, I flip through D.B. Weiss' Lucky Wander Boy and ponder plugging in my Intellivision to get my game on with some Microsurgeon.

Week #3 - The Morning Sun is Not Our Friend

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This week isn't as grandious as last, but a few items found helped to fill the void in our souls. In this edition, I also reenact my Friday night out for your enjoyment.

Multitap #2: GBAs, Babes & Middle Earth

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Unitdaisy and I scan over the lingering E3 questions such as What the hell is Nintendo thinking? and There's no way in hell I'll ever let Unitdaisy 50ft near Middle Earth Online.

Masters of Doom

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In the second of our look at gaming literature we crack open Masters of Doom. Those wacky id guys make for a compelling read.

Special Weekend Update

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Gone Fishin': No Friday update today. Stay tuned for a special weekend post.

Week #2 - One Sale, 500+ Games.

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We've been waiting for a sale of this magnitude for close to a year now. And it finally arrived: old-school gaming nirvana.

Multitap #1 - E3 footage, bitching & moaning.

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This week we kick off Multitap, where unitdaisy and I take a look at current gaming topics. This week: we look at what games went wild during E3 and taunt each other. Thanks to modern technology, it feels like we were in the thick of the action, brushing elbows with some of the world's greasiest and most bitter game "journalists."

Opening the Xbox (Literature)

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Like reading about games, but can't pry that controller from your hands? We have you covered. Welcome to the first in our series of three gaming related books. And no, we aren't reviewing The Wind Waker strategy guide. This week we peer inside Opening the Xbox and see that, like the Xbox's current game library, it fails to live up to it's potential.

Week #1

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On some days Chicago is a beautiful city full of sun, love and life. Unfortunately none of those days ever occur when we venture outside, as the skies prefer to shower us with hail and lightning bolts. Stubbornly, we managed to find a few goodies that weren't thoroughly soaked with grimy midwest water.

It'll be Thursday when I sleep

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The latest Chi-Drunksaling will go up mid-Thursday, for the curious. Meanwhile, please enjoy this teaser photo! And I swear that the lack of a Wednesday update has nothing to do with exhaustion, free movie tickets or E3 updates.

thenewsite: A Retrospective Interview

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Our comprehensive coverage of retrospective week continues with this, an interview on our amazing accomplishments as editors of thenewsite. What amazing accomplishments, you say? Well, we have a post up on time. Incredible, yes?

Chicago-Style Drunksaling - A 2002 Retrospective

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Kicking off thenewsite retrospective week, unitdaisy and I learn from our previous mistakes by taking a look back at some of the highlights, and depressing lows we encountered garagesaling last year.

X-Play - Extended Play: Take #2

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Again, incriminating circumstances prevent us from posting a Chicago-Style Drunksaling article for Wednesday. Instead, I spent my time watching X-Play - Tech TV's revision of the videogame show Extended Play. Then I dished in these hi-tech input boxes for what I felt was a reasonable amount of time, stirred appropriately and pressed submit. A new (in the loosest sense) Drunksaling will be posted later this week.

Chicago-Style Drunksaling - The Lost Posts #3

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Oh, you are going to be so jealous when you read this you are going to schvitz.

Gameheadz - Don't Judge a Documentary by its Title

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Unfortunately, due to situations and incidents beyond our control, the last of the lost drunksaling posts will not be up tonight. Instead, please enjoy
this review of TLC's gaming documentary Gameheadz specially imported from the UK, then hastily rewritten for you - our viewing audience.

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