the Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium

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Fresh off the hype train comes the Mars Volta. Did they survive the trip? Read on to find out.

Multitap #6 - Games and Work, new Gameboy and Activision vs. Viacom

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This week we take a look at Bring Lara Croft to Work Day, Activision vs. Viacom in a war to decide who has botched up the Star Trek universe the most and speculate on the next GameBoy.

Dark Age vs. Indie Rock

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In celebration of the birth of our country, here's an interview with a a cute girl who plays online games. God Bless America.

Radiohead - Hail To The Thief

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Our very own attercob takes a look at the repercussions of Radiohead's new album Hail To The Thief, British government and a little thing he likes to call 'the ugly boat'.

Week #6 - Up in Sweat

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After short hiatus, we're back with a whimper. Feel free to mock unitdaisy and me as we get sunburned, shafted by sellers and return with little to show for it. Enjoy!

X-Factor: Inside the Xbox Review

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A review of the Discovery documentary Inside the Xbox? "You're talking crazy," you say. Nope. Tivo knows exactly what I wants and when I want to watch it - much to your benefit! Okay, it wasn't Tivo - it was my remote control. And I had nothing better to do on a Friday night. It's a sad life.

Behind the Games

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Unitdaisy and I took a long deserved weekend off from drunksaling last weekend. To compensate for our laziness we're opening the curtain on our process and my surliness. Enjoy, and we'll have a new drunksaling for your gawking pleasure later this week.

How Nintendo Suckered Me Out of $20 - A look at the E3 Demo Disc

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I finally egged unitdaisy to troll around eBay for a copy of the Gamecube E3 Demo Disc - boy oh boy was it ever worth it. Read on for all the nasty, juicy details.

Multitap #5 - Downloadable Content, $60 Games & the GBA 3D FX Super Happy Chip

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This week unitdaisy and I quabble over the Return to Wolfenstein Xbox Live maps fiasco, speculate on the price point of games and relive history with Nintendo.

What are you looking at?

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It's late late late Friday night and there's no Chi-Style Drunksaling. "What's up with that yo?" you might be asking. Due to a series of conflicts and misadventures, we're running a bit behind - expect it tomorrow - but that won't stop me from posting a high-resolution outtake! Those that received the newsletter earlier on Friday already received one - well, this is almost as enticing.

Multitap #4 - Bake a Cake for Sega

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This week we lament Sega turning off non-PSO Dreamcast servers, talk about cake and plunder the depths of the Hollywood mind.

Thenewsite - Now with 50% more interaction!

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Look here! We have just launched our very own newsletter! Using bleeding-edge technology, each week we will send out an email with the latest article info, mindless rambing, links to unpublished works and all sorts of keen materials that typically never see the light of day. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up!

Multitap #3: More offtopic than ever before!

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This week learn how much I hate Best Buy and how Unitdaisy is able to fit Lord of the Rings into any column. Oh, and we get into a tiff about the PSX.

Week #4 - Beer, Kitch & a Startling Lack of Games

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This week unitdaisy ran away from home. The last I saw of her, she was chasing an escaped zoo monkey down the street. The following morning she phoned me from Phoenix, AZ in a confused and bewildered state. Unfortunately, this meant finding a fill in for Chi-Style Drunksaling.

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