Friday Bloody Friday

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Not much of an update today I'm afraid. Both societal and political pressures came to a front and have left me stranded on an island of work and obligations. You can amuse yourself though by checking out this (old, but new to me!) c64 homage video/parody of boy bands by Press Play On Tape. Remember Comic Bakery? I thought you might. Enjoy.

Otogi Review, by Rutilcaper

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Rutilcaper graces us with another review, this time for the 'highly destructable' Otogi. His review is a lot wittier than this excerpt so click on through!

Gamer Remix Review #3: A Scholar & a Physician - SMB1

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What's that? More gamer remix reviews? You got it. I even managed to get the date right this time! So get to it folks!

Ape Escape 2

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Unfortunately for you unitdaisy is out of town for a while, which means no Chi-Style Drunksaling this week. But I have a plan. Do you like monkeys? Of course you do! Read on ...

Gamer Remix Review #2: Dead Lovers' Consent - Wizards & Warriors

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Today I really hoped that unitdaisy and I would be reporting with our initial Soul Calibur 2 impressions. Unfortunately, the deities that control shipping & truckers deemed us not worthy so you'll just have to deal with a new weekly gamer mix. Toodles!

Week #9: Maybe loitering at Gamestop is a better alternative.

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Summer days are for the lazy and this week we encapsulate the spirit of the season by skipping half our marked sales. Go us!

Gamer Remix Review #1 - Mahoney: M.U.L.E.

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I like video game music. I like people that remix video game music and put it up on website so I can listen to their tracks. And now once a week I'm going to take a look at a very special remix that demands your attention. But for now, I'm demanding your attention: click through damnit!

Week #8: Almost as Enticing as a Kitchen Sink

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We finally remembered that we write for a website and aren't pro-bowlers. I gotta say though that the National Bowling Association was none too pleased by unitdaisy's request to install bumpers in her lane. Anywhoo, enjoy this week's drunksaling episode.

Silent Hill 3

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Helping to shake us out of our little content drought this week is Rutilcaper with his insight on a little game named Silent Hill 3. It's the bee's knees!

We be updatin'

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Have we been slacking? You bet! Have you noticed? Doubtful. Anywho, late tonight a new Multitap is going up and tomorrow we play catch up - that's right, two drunksalings this week for the low price of one! There's other silliness in the works, but I'm not at liberty to divulge that at this time.

Also, anyone know what's up with this Joey Greco fellow? I'm clueless (in more ways than one). I think something notorious wrote fired him up and possibly caused a worldwide epidemic, but don't quote me on that.

Ico 2 - Will Truth be Stranger than Fiction?

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Hey kids, it's peccaui bringing a quick little update! Multitap will be published later this week as we're putting together something a bit different than normal. But if you like to read about Ico, move your greedy fingers over that mouse button and click below.

Welcome to thepoorlyupdatednewsite

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Friday Friday Friday! Sparse updates explained, right behind this link!

Multitap #8 - Embarrassing Companies, The Warp Pipe Project and Cake!

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Want to play the upcoming Mario Cart game online? Like mocking game companies? Or are you just hankering for some finely crafted cake? If your answer is 'Yes' to any of the above, come on in!

Week #7 - Two NES Decks and Bookhead

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We're quickly coming up to the half-way mark of this year's garagesaling adventures. Let's hope the rest of the year isn't as flat as this week.

Multitap #7 - Learning & Blackouts

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There have been better weeks, and there have been worst weeks. This week we lazily bitch about Sega's latest marketing attempt, current sales in Japan and more. Hey, cut us some slack - it's fucking hot out.

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