Gamefly Review Revisited

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Due to popular demand (i.e. one incoherant IM that read 'Gams flywa???oneloxzer') I've written up a final piece on the Gamefly experience. Yes, it's been closing in on three months since my first piece on them. Time flies when you're camping out next to a post office box.

Chi-Style Drunksaling - The Drunkgamers Forum Weeks: Week #2

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Hey, look - Week #2 from .. well, over a year and a half ago! This drunksaling took place on June 2nd, 2002 and started to establish some of the practices we follow religiously today. Like not finding any games. Damn. Sorry about that.

Gladius (Xbox)

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Like Strategy-based RPGs? I don't, but Rutilcaper does and he's vaguely enraptured by Gladius!

Return of the King - No More Fellowship for You

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No one becomes king alone - so why won't EA Games let us help each other out? Plus autoscrolling to the death, war is hell, "and then it became explodier!"

Chi-Style Drunksaling - The Drunkgamers Forum Weeks: Week #1

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Since Chicago likes to mimic Antartica for six months out of the year, we've decided to unveil some old Chi-Style Drunksaling articles that we used to post on the old Drunkgamer.com forums. It's like taking a trip back in time (minus the dinosaurs and plague)!

Game Release Dates - Why do They Bother?

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The following is an especially caustic bit of commentary that I dare label a rant focused squarely on the practice of games and release dates. As in, stores apparently never have them in on said release dates. And no, I'm not talking about delayed games.

Music in Games - Custom or Default?

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Now that we have moved into an age where it's possible to have games with custom soundtracks ripped straight from your Winamp playlists, should we really take advantage of it?

Is Ico 2 About to be Revealed?

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What could make Thanksgiving better than an announcement about Ico 2?

Disc Read Error, for life?

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Ever have a Disc Read Error? Well, Arstechnica may be able to help. However, that still doesn't keep me from ranting about it, and the current state of hardware stability in consoles.

Gender Roles in Gaming and How Adding Voice Changes Everything

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Today we have a guest contribution from Eclipse. As an avid PC gamer, she sent us a write-up on the experience of gaming online with voice chat from a female perspective.

thenewsite is Dead, long live The New Gamer.

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As you may have noticed, we've changed. Quite a bit. thenewsite has now been retired in favor for this. Gone are the lack of updates on books or television. The New Gamer will be focused around critical dissection and discussion of gaming and gaming culture. And that's all. Yep. We're still tweaking the site, working on the site tree, porting over relevant articles from thenewsite blahblahblah. But that's besides the point. Enjoy.


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The time of missing updates are about to pass - expect big changes tomorrow. Our newsletter subscribers already know what's going on, so what are you waiting for?

Arcade Ambience Project

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It's harder and harder to come by these days, but some haven't forgotten the sensory overload created by arcades in their heyday. In fact, Andy Hofle and his Arcade Ambience Project is reproducing the aural experience for you with games made before you were born. Now all you need to supply is the body odor. Also, buy us a beer, we're 100!

Scantily clad! (updates that is)

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In case you noticed, it's been a rather lackluster week for updates. As in, there haven't been any. There's a reason - my time has been spent elsewhere. On something big. And yes, it's related to this site and not to my affection for sleep. Newsletter subscribers will find out why on Monday though, so if you're as curious as a cat you might want to sign on up using the little input field over to your right.

Where Are They Now?

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While flipping through some old gaming magazines recently, I realized quite a few games have been missing for some time. To solve this mystery, I donned my thinking cap, pipe and a flask and started out on a trek to find out the status of five games that had potential, but have not been heard from in many moons.

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