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Game Design: Tracking Emotion

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We just finished covering Neural Networks in my Artificial Intelligent class and I've come to the quick conclusion that they are totally radical. Unfortunately, neural networks are in fact too radical and are rarely used for games - the AI...

I demand a recount!

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Months and months ago the Sony Metreon announced that it would be creating the "Walk of Game", a video game industry version of Hollywood's Walk of Fame. This sounds cool (or it did to me at least) in theory, but the whole thing is extremely flawed.

Game Design Idea: The Ultimate Racing Game

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Okay, you know those cool navigation systems installed in cars that show you a map of where you are and can give you directions to any destination (the nice ones even have a friendly female voice that tells you when to turn)? I think that it's a technology that is being wasted with it's simple mapquest duties!

Alberto Heard notices that Rachell Gallegos has No Facial Hair

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So I've mentioned once before that I've begun work on a Gossip Simulator. Well, it's still very early in the development process (I'm still working on setting up the data structures in hopes that good planning now will keep the...

Hoo Ah! Ha ha.

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LAN parties are the source of some of the bestest multiplayer gaming ever (and I'm all about multiplayer). There are few things more rewarding than being able to shoot someone on your computer and hear, from a room down the hall, "Aw, what the fuck?!" Doubly so if you can hear the pounding of mouse-on-mousepad frustration.

Okay... so maybe I enjoy my friend's pain a little too much.

Life is Code

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So one of the (many) things I am working on as I prepare to one day perhaps get close to graduation is my "Senior Project", a project whose purpose is to be so bad ass that it's existence will garner me a job in the game industry the moment I leave school. Well... that's the goal anyway.

Life Sucks and then You Graduate... maybe

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I'm currently in the midst of my final two quarters of school, majoring in Visual & Game Programming. What this means is that I am taking my last few focused classes (things like programming shaders, motion capture, writing my own...


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Ow. Tonight I was really planning on writing another story from my arcade days down here in my little journal... but the thoughts that start in my brain and eventually end up at my fingertips keep getting hijacked by a...

Ticket games are Trouble

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I hate ticket games. They are annoying, loud and they break all the time.

Unlimited Tokens

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One of the best things about working at an arcade was the (basically) unlimited tokens. Whether I got them by repairing machines (if it didn't hit the coin box it was free game - literally), trading in free token passes...

Arcade memories

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Shitty jobs are great watermarks for future careers. How else would I have known how good I had it at my first real job if I didn't spend part of my high-school and early college years working for crap wages!

Terrible Mr. G

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This is pretty old so some of you may have already heard it, but I just came across it again so I have to share. So I'm sure you've yelled at the screen before when playing a game like Counter-Strike...

Katamari E-A-cy

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Come on, you know that's accurate. Think about it....

I should have been a rock star

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I woulda rocked your socks off. Note: I totally don't play the guitar. I do, however, have lazer vizion....

Garbage In, Garbage Out

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So of the four classes I've been too this week of this, my second-to-last quarter, the most interesting promises to be my Motion Capture class. The school actually got a motion capture studio (a small one.. but still) for us to use! Move over Andy Serkis because I'm so going to get my motions captured!

Well maybe...

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