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Updates and Adventures!

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First and foremost: NaViGaWriMo is delayed until January, which is a less-holiday ridden month. I will be spending December working on other misc. projects so perhaps I will post about them during the month instead. Come January, though, Genki Genki...

My, My Katamari

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See - the crowd is Namco and the Prince there is Keita Takahashi


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You may or may not be familiar with NaNoWriMo, or Nation Novel Writers Month, where authors (and well anyone) attempt to finish at 50,000 word novel in a month. Well, novel writing isn't really my thing, but I do dig game design and programming, so when I came across a self-proclaimed National Video Game Writer's Month it seemed too perfect to pass up.

Skinny Coder

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So part of my graduation process was a Portfolio Show, where I sat at a small desk, which I covered with a PC, a laptop, a PSP, and a book, and explained to visitors what I did my 2 years...

Schoooooool's out forever!

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Well hot damn.... It's finally over. As of this evening I have a Bachelor's in Visual & Game Programming. And it all ended in a very anticlimactic way. No finals, no cramming -- in fact I was done with classes...

12 oz. Mouse

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Okay, who saw this new Adult Swim show last night?

Am I up too late or...

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So people are getting up in arms about a supposed new ARG (alternate reality games - think www.ilovebees.com, the viral marketing campaign that got thousands of people to flock around payphones to unlock info about Halo 2) that rewards "players" with photos from the next-gen Xbox...

Clump of Bricks

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So the benefit of having tons of LEGO is that when you get an idea you can roll with it.

I come to you in a time of great need.

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So I have this predictament.

GDC Day 5: I was so exhausted I feel asleep on in the living room

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...and then crawled into bed before making a journal entry.

GDC 2005: Day 3 - The day I got to see things

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But... you don't!

Sorry but I'm unable to grab my photos off my camera tonight so I'm going to leave the details of the day for a later post. What I can do is give you an idea of what I saw.

GDC 2005: Day 2

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Interesting facts learned at the GDC today:

Walking around the show floor with a skateboard earns you some odd looks (and the occasional angry glare)...

GDC 2005: Day 1

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Today I got my ticket.

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