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Animal Crossing DS: I

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My home. I'm relaxing on my Modern Couch in my custom made Pac-Man treads (note the dots on the sleeve) playing some MSG3 on my Widescreen TV, having just finished my Katamari painting.

Damn that Blathers .. he won't display it in the museum.

Phoenix Wright: Mysteries Abound!

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So there's something about Phoenix Wright that has been bugging me since I got the game. It has nothing to do with the fabulously quirky humor or wicked slick courtroom drama. Not even the crazy vodoo ghost possessions!

It's the logo.

Top 10 Games of 2005

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Damn I hate lists so much. Especially top 10 lists of "favorites."

So of course, I made one.

Animal Crossing DS: Behind Closed Doors

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This is Rasher:

He enjoys being rude, digging up fossils, layering thick sarcasm on everything he says and making the women in my town cry.

Until today, we always saw eye to eye.

Castlevania: Digital Signature

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In some games that require saving, especially in RPGs, a save slot might be uniquely named. Sometimes it's simply your character's name, sometimes the player is prompted to name the file (like classic Sierra games), and sometimes... well at least once, you are asked to sign your name on a touch pad!


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Everyone knows that games that come out on Nintendo's systems often tag the system's name onto game titles? Everything for the SNES was "Super". And how many games had the "64" tagged to the end of it? The GBA has it's share of "Advance" games.

The DS is no different, like the predictably titled Mario Kart DS, but I've also noticed a new trend...

Animal Crossing DS: Winter fun

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It's deep into the middle of winter in The City. As I navigate Bartleby through the cold empty forests at 1:30am in an attempt to shake furniture out of some fir trees (don't question it... ) I decide that I...

Will the Liberty City Port have all featuers?!

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So I get word that Rockstar is porting GTA:LCS to the PS2. Well damn, there goes argument #1 for having a PSP....


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A little over a week ago I posted about an idea I had to showcase how people play Gradius. The "demo" video was basically me playing Gradius a bunch of times and layering those runs on top of each other.

Well... that's not nearly the true goal of the video.

"Interactive Fractals"

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So there was this idea posted over here about averaging gameplay. The basic idea is too take a variety of runs of a video game, like completing World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros, played by a bunch of people, and merging the results to get some sort of median gameplay. To see "how people, on average, react to that first goomba" as the author puts it.

It struck me as an interesting concept... but complicated and with many pitfalls.

But after some thought I considered a simple solution...

Best in Show

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So some months ago, as part of finishing college, I was part of a Portfolio Show. Basically each graduating student gets a booth where they set up a table to feature their best work. Fashion students show off their clothes, design students show off logos and print, animations students show off 3D models and, well, animations, game art students show off a mod project...

Museum of Seaman

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Dude, if I boot up my Dreamcast (which is impossible since my friend hasn't given me the cables for it yet!!) will my neglected Seaman look like this...

Gitaroo-Man, Devil of Pain

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My pinky finger is killing me. I don't even use my pinky for Gitaroo-Man. I think it's just freaked out. It sees the brutality that I put my thumb through mashing on buttons and zipping from Circle to X to...



Do you realize that years ago, people were able to send in game ideas to companies and they would actually look at it. It doesn't end there.

I love customization

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Mr Riley will be a fan of this...

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