I ♥ Gameboy Camera

February 10, 2006 By R. LeFeuvre


I want a GameBoy Camera and Printer so bad. I want to take awesome grainy B&W images and print them out on calculator paper! I want to create photos that with any other camera would just be boring and ordinary, but with the GameBoy Camera instantly become something more. I want to share these pictures and prove that the GB Camera is actually quite worthwhile (others have done it with grand success!)

WHY!? I DON'T KNOW! It just seems... cool. And necessary. Dammit. I must have one. I will have one!

I'd don't suppose anyone out there actually has these two radical electronic bits. And would be willing to sell them?

Hey Turner -- go Garagesale me one. TIA!!

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#1 Dublyner Feb 10, 2006 07:22am

R. LeFeuvre wrote:
It just seems... cool. And necessary. Dammit. I must have one.

Somewhere in the world, Steve Jobs just got an erection.

It's amazing how well that feeling of absurd necessity works on our generation.

Creating a great electronic device is hard enough, but making it feel cool to own one?
That is the grail that everyone seems to be after these days.

#2 Allargator Feb 10, 2006 08:45am

I have a blue colored camera somewhere. I'll look for it. Although, I threw away the printer.... It was worthless. You run out of ink fairy quickly and there were no ink-replacements manufactured.

#3 hobbie Feb 10, 2006 10:58am


I've considered picking one up over the years, but I always talk myself out of it.

#4 Glenn Turner Feb 10, 2006 12:08pm

R. LeFeuvre wrote:
Hey Turner -- go Garagesale me one. TIA!!

Hey, any that I find I'm selfishly keeping for myself! My Game Boys need cameras too!

#5 Allargator Feb 11, 2006 08:41am

I cannot find my camera.... My best guess is that it got thrown out. I haven't seen that thing since we moved.

#6 SirMuffinMan Feb 13, 2006 03:02am

They're in my house somewhere. I saw the camera just a day or two ago, could maybe ask my brother where the printer has disappeared to. I picked one up for him for his birthday a few years back and it was hard enough to find back then, let alone now.

#7 SirMuffinMan Feb 13, 2006 03:05am

Mind, I'm not commiting to anything just yet.

#8 R. LeFeuvre Feb 13, 2006 04:54am

Alright. I might actually be winning an eBay auction soon... we'll see.

I'll know in the morning!

#9 hobbie Feb 13, 2006 11:24am

Dare I snipe the auction?


#10 R. LeFeuvre Feb 13, 2006 11:27am

You couldn't! Woo!

#11 hobbie Feb 13, 2006 11:28am

You've won it, I just hope you have the cables to use the printer.

#12 R. LeFeuvre Feb 13, 2006 11:34am

Well - I should have the cable for it around here as it's just a regular GameBoy link cable. But, eventually I plan to bypass the printer most of the time.

#13 hobbie Feb 13, 2006 11:39am

What? You will print to something else or just not use the printer?