Animal Crossing DS: Rod the Rat names his Pecs

February 20, 2006 By R. LeFeuvre

Negative Juan?!

Unfortunately, this quirky rat does not live in my town. Over the weekend I visited a friend's place to trade fossils and items (although my quest to finish my Parasaur seems doomed) and I met this fine muscle-loving fellow during the adventure.

If this is what Rob says when you first meet him, what is he going to share once you really get to know him!?

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#1 hobbie Feb 21, 2006 12:28am

I've got several Parasaur pieces, what all do you need?

#2 R. LeFeuvre Feb 21, 2006 12:39am

Apparently a lot of headless, tailless Parasaurs died in prehistoric era of The City.

I've found FIVE torso so far (one I still have for trade!)

So - the tail and the skull.