Animal Crossing DS: A visit to Brewster's

February 1, 2006 By R. LeFeuvre

One of the additions to Wild World is the Roost, a small cafe located in the basement of the Museum.

I've been visiting the owner, a pigeon named Brewster, since early January, and we've became friends over the weeks. He even feels comfortable enough to give me some rare coffee blends every now and then.

Today, though... today he offered me something new. Something extra special!

Milk. From a Pigeon. You might be thinking that this pigeon milk is just gathered by a pigeon.

If only.

For you see... Pigeon Milk could more accurately be called Pigeon Yak. It's a "milk" (only called that because of it's appearance) that parent pigeons feed their young... by regurgitation.

Brewster then proceeds to add this Pigeon Puke to my coffee and proudly sets it on the table for my drinking pleasure. I force Bartleby to drink it while it's still pipping hot -- maybe it can burn away his taste buds before it's too late.

The moment of truth ... is Pigeon Ralph any good???

I'm going to take that as a no.

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#1 Glenn Turner Feb 1, 2006 11:06am


Groady to the max.

#2 D. Riley Feb 1, 2006 11:16am

I'm pretty sure the game went back in time to invent the word "Groady" so that it could be specifically used in reference to the game itself.

Dude. Seriously.


#3 hobbie Feb 1, 2006 12:22pm



#4 Glenn Turner Feb 3, 2006 10:45am

Someone here needs to get their AC:WW photos over to Flickr!

That someone's AC:WW avatar also appears to need lazer vizion too.

#5 R. LeFeuvre Feb 3, 2006 08:00pm

Sheesh ok

And Bartleby doesn't have the Bells to affoard Lazer Vizion.


#6 hobbie Feb 4, 2006 03:01am

I still want to know how you got those screenshots, since they look unedited.

#7 R. LeFeuvre Feb 4, 2006 03:36am

I promise that pigeon milk is in the game. It's not like he pukes in the cup, he merely mixes in some prepared "milk".

And I simply snap the pictures with a digital camera.


At least 50% of it.

#8 hobbie Feb 4, 2006 04:09am

Oh, I've had pigeon's milk at least a dozen times. But my character loves the stuff and thinks it's world famous.