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Bringing out old systems?

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So there are currently two threads about yanking old consoles out of the closet/attic/cold storage to recapture old memories and catch up on missed ones... and while I certainly encourage these actions (especially the Walrus's Dreamcast revival), I do have one simple question for the rest of you.

You got LEGO in my Video Game!

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You got Video Game in my LEGO!

So, as I promised, here are the my newest brick'd game kitbashings.

Brick'd Again

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When EGM contacts you, are you really going to say no!?

Played to Death

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So I enjoy playing with the occasional LEGO brick or two in between sessions of making and playing video games... and usually the LEGO end up taking the form of a video game themselves. Some of those works have ended up on this site as journal entries (and some are yet to be seen... but soon) and others are still to be completed!

Anyway, if you head over to Played to Death you can find out a bit more about it all as they, for some reason, thought I was worth of an interview.

Check it out and tons more in their current issue (July 2006).

In which I reveal the project that I am immersed.

Read 'In which I reveal the project that I am immersed.'

So last time I posted, which was quite awhile ago*, I mentioned that I had started at a new video game company but I wasn't able to say exactly what I was working on...

That has changed and I am pleased, for the interested (probably about two of you) that I am currently working on the recently announced Ratchet & Clank for PSP!

And yes, I will be at E3 this year, representing my awesome company, so if you are there stop by the High Impact area (wherever that ends up being) and say hi.

A Return from Exodus

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I'm not sure if people have noticed but I've been ignoring my beloved TNG Journal. Hell, I've been pretty scant around the site in general.

Well, there's a pretty damn good reason: I just moved to LA for a new job!

LEGO + Video Games - Sanity

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So some of you know may know that I'm a bit of LEGO fan.



And obviously, I dig video games as well. And I've been known in the past to enjoy combining them. And so it has happened again, although this time with more retro!

This time it's not just me! No no, I've conned three more into playing with the devilish plastic bricks: the newest members of Brick Flick: Jason Dunn (who posts here as Otherland), Jason Wilson and Mike Yang!

Animal Crossing DS: Rod the Rat names his Pecs

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Negative Juan?! Unfortunately, this quirky rat does not live in my town. Over the weekend I visited a friend's place to trade fossils and items (although my quest to finish my Parasaur seems doomed) and I met this fine...

I ♥ Gameboy Camera

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I want a GameBoy Camera and Printer so bad. I want to take awesome grainy B&W images and print them out on calculator paper! I want to create photos that with any other camera would just be boring and ordinary, but with the GameBoy Camera instantly become something more. I want to share these pictures and prove that the GB Camera is actually quite worthwhile (others have done it with grand success!)

WHY!? I DON'T KNOW! It just seems... cool. And necessary. Dammit. I must have one. I will have one!

I'd don't suppose anyone out there actually has these two radical electronic bits. And would be willing to sell them?

Hey Turner -- go Garagesale me one. TIA!!


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So I stumbled upon greatness today...

Long ago there was a contest for which the entrants needed to submit a depiction of "robotfindskitten." The details of this contest are not important (and can be found elsewhere) although it should be told that most entries (2 out of 3) were images of a robots annihilating kittens.

Animal Crossing DS: A visit to Brewster's

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One of the additions to Wild World is the Roost, a small cafe located in the basement of the Museum.

I've been visiting the owner, a pigeon named Brewster, since early January, and we've became friends over the weeks. He even feels comfortable enough to give me some rare coffee blends every now and then.

Today, though... today he offered me something new. Something extra special!

Animal Crossing DS: 2HB

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I'm going to make this journal much simpler than it could be (because I'm tired, yo)

I could tell a story about how I drew 2HB as a design in Animal Crossing and sent it to the guys at Double Fine... but well... again, the tired thing.

And anyway, Tim Schafer does a much better describing what happened.

So go read my AC Double Fine Adventure!!!!

If you don't you don't have a soul! (That's a private joke between me and the link there, but you can get in on the fun if you just check it out.)

Road Trip

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Or maybe I should say Air Trip.

You ever flown to another city and back in one day? I'm in for quite an adventure as I head down to Burbank (Northern LA) for lunch and a job interview and then jump back on a plane to head back home.

So hey, I won't be here for the whole day, so leave creative ideas as to what you think the job might be!

I wonder how many of you even know what I do...

Birdo's Secret Past

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While the tale I'm going to tell you is certainly not anything new, it's interesting enough to be brought up now and again for the benefit of those not 'in the know': Birdo started "her" life out as a video game character a bit differently than you know "her" now.

Namely, popular belief has it that Birdo is the first transgendered video game character (there's obviously no official comment from Nintendo on this.) Why? How!? Well, let's flip through his past, through the pages of old instruction manuals and game art.

The Story of Lazer Vizion

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I got my first pair of glasses when I was in second grade. Putting them on changed everything. I was surprised to find with normal vision you could actually see the leaves on a tree!

I continued to get more and more powerful lenses as the years past. One of my eye doctor's said I had 'BIG E' vision, because I was unable to make out even the largest E on the eye chart. I was pretty near sided -- 20/400.

Note the was. For now I am glassesless, thanks to Lasik Eye Surgery. Woo.

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