February 2, 2007 By Glenn Turner

8-bit Operators

As others have reported, the 8-bit Operators Kraftwerk chiptune cover album is nearly upon us, however, did you know that the single is already available? Yes, the Pocket Calculator 12" was released earlier this week and is available both on vinyl and via iTunes.

If you go the iTunes route, less than $2 will garner you an exclusive cover of 'The Robot' by L.A.’s 8-BIT, but what's really worth the price of admission is Glomag's 'Pocket Calculator' mega-mix, containing bits from Ladybug, Bit Shifter, Nullsleep, David E Sugar and other fantastic chip musicians. I'm normally not much of a mega-mix fan, but this one is taut, expertly woven and leaves you wanting more. In other words, an excellent teaser for 8-bit Operators's February 6th release.

If fee-based chiptunes don't ring your bell, Covox has recently posted his contribution to 8BITPEOPLES' 50th release (8BP050) entitled 'Switchblade Squadron' on the audio portion of his website. As always, it's an excellent track, well worth your time and bandwidth.

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