JPod - The Short Film

January 17, 2007 By Glenn Turner

JPod Short Film

Seemingly in order to promote the recent Canadian paperback edition of Douglas Copeland's latest novel JPod, Showcase has made available a short, five minute, film adapted from the book.

Actually, I'd call it less of an adaptation and more like an abbreviated version of one of the book's sub-plots – and one of the lesser ones at that. Those who watch the short film and then expect the book to be a slightly-cute, slightly-obnoxious romantic comedy probably will find themselves somewhat disappointed.

For one, the short film doesn't contain thousands of prime numbers. Two, the film is much more prudent with its pastebombs. Three, the film's pretty much absent of the apathy, absurdities, quirks and narrative oddities that made the book interesting and not just a 'life in an Electronic Arts-ish company sure is wacky!' riff. The film rather sells the book a bit short, but they did only have five minutes to play with. I suppose introducing Copeland-the-villain, Ethan's parents, the Chinese mob and the actual game the JPod'ers are developing would be a tad much.

It does capture the primary attitude of the players, even if Ethan's played a bit more ..animated than I imagined. While I wouldn't exactly say that's what I relished most about the book, they pulled that part off. Go ahead, see for yourself!

(via Cinematical)

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