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Sam & Max Merch That Doesn't Require an eBay Account

October 9, 2006 By Glenn Turner

Sam & Max Shirt Print

First off, I'd like to welcome our new readers coming in from Slashdot and other venues! Make yourselves comfortable, poke around and enjoy the site!

With the first new Sam & Max game in years right around the corner, I started poking around Telltale Games' site, searching for methods to drain my bank account. One of the more appealing ways appears to be investing in the Sam & Max merchandise they have available, namely the Sam & Max prints and the ultra-swank Sam & Max t-shirt (pictured to the left). I'm not exactly sure how long they've been available, but I know that their store now has one less garment available.

While on the subject, I might as well mention that the intrepid folks at The International House of Mojo noticed that the original Freelance Police television episodes may be coming to GameTap. It's certainly not confirmed but, given GameTap's TV selection, it doesn't seem all that far-fetched.

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1 comment for ‘Sam & Max Merch That Doesn't Require an eBay Account’

#1 Soup Oct 11, 2006 04:41am

woe is I, who wears the Medium size. really. Large and XL make me look like I raided daddy's shirt drawer.

wait, we got slashdotted?