Guitar Hero 2 Chicago Release Party

October 24, 2006 By Glenn Turner

Guitar Hero 2 Logo

You know a game is going to be big when makeshift release parties start popping up for them. Chicagoist has posted that some folks are organizing a little Guitar Hero 2 Release Party & Tournament and when I first read about it I couldn't help but get excited.

Unfortunately some of that anticipation dissipated when I realized that the party kicks off at 6pm on a Sunday night. Yes, the wet blanket named Monday rears its head, but also, 6pm's pretty early to rock out. Plus a $7 cover seems a bit steep, but I don't know what kind of prizes they're giving away. Lastly, it's at the Darkroom, a venue that I attended a handful of years ago to see Stunt Rock & The Flashbulb (plus a few other ZOD artists) and I wasn't too keen on the place. But that was years ago – maybe it has improved since then.

Regardless, all of that's probably not enough to deter me from some public plastic ax action. If you're in the Chicago area (and 21 or over) on November 12th, you might just see me making a total fool out of myself, although this time offline instead of under The New Gamer domain. Full details are available here if you're game.

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