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God Day

October 10, 2006 By Glenn Turner


I'm not exactly sure what to do now that all of Clover Studio's games have finally been released in the U.S. What do I have to look forward to now?? Well, plenty actually, but it's slightly disconcerting that Clover officially appears to have nothing on their plate. Hopefully they'll announce something soon and not just fade into obscurity.

Enough of that idle speculation though, I'm here to celebrate God Hand's U.S. release! I've previously posted about the God Hand Japanese website and its storied secrets, but they've finally opened up all four secret panels and ... the unveil was slightly disappointing. Instead of additional 'God Tracks', we've been handed some middling wallpapers. They also have 'God Game 2' available, a 'sequel' to the embedded flash 'God Game'. Unfortunately, this is little more than a whack-a-mole game, and one with wonky aim at that.

I do have good news though - those that haven't noticed God Hand's pricepoint will be pleased to hear that Capcom's raffling it off for the low, low price of $30. Again, Clover's just too good to us.

Oh, and speaking of gods, Okami's Japanese site has been updated again, this time with a plethora of intricately detailed Okami placards. There are four sets, the second and third being variations of the first, and the latter simply contains a simple 'group shot'.

Okami Placard

To download these sets, simply go to http://www.cloverstudio.co.jp/o-kami/ and on the main menu click the box with the Okami logo on it. Or just directly download the sets using the following links (but then you'll miss out on having the Okami soundtrack play in your browser window)! Set A | Set B | Set C | Set D

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1 comment for ‘God Day’

#1 Glenn Turner Oct 12, 2006 10:19am

G. Turner wrote:
Hopefully they'll announce something soon and not just fade into obscurity.

Looks like I was justly worried. Clover Studios is no more. :( Even if it's just so they can break off from Capcom, it still makes me sad as it's the end of a (albeit very short) era.