Estradasphere on Tour, Zelda Cover Discovered

September 22, 2006 By Glenn Turner

Zelda Title Screen

While scrolling through tourb.us's upcoming Chicago show list, I saw a familiar name pop up right before my bleary eyes: Estradasphere is coming to town!

Roughly three years ago, back when we were doing our weekly 'Gamer Remix Review' columns, we dedicated one column to their an especially jazzy rendition of Super Mario Bros 2 tunes. It's an amusing little cover/remix, certainly not without its charms.

Upon reading news of their upcoming tour, I decided to poke around and listen to what their up to now. Their sound appears to be just as varied and eclectic as ever, featuring strings, brass, banjo, and the requisite electrified gee-tars. It's a relatively compelling, albeit occasionally abrasive, mix of genres that grows on me with each listen.

But their main site is not where their best treasures lay. Buried over in their Archive.org page, shuffled into a live show from the all-too-distant time of October 2000, was a Zelda Medley. On the same night they played their 'SuperBuckJazz' rendition of various SMB2 themes, they tried their hand at a number of Zelda tunes. The result? A bombastic, forward and enthralling version of the Koji Kondo classics we all love.

While you can download the original live tracks from the show's page itself, they're in the unfriendly SHN format. For your convenience, I've converted the track (not to mention truncated the trailing audience heckling & band repartee) and you can download it using the link provided below. It's a bit rough around the edges, that's for sure, but it's still extremely solid and one of my favorite 'rock' songs derived from Zelda melodies.

While I highly doubt they'll break out the Zelda or Mario on this tour, they'll probably be swinging by your town this October.

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3 comments for ‘Estradasphere on Tour, Zelda Cover Discovered’

#1 quazz4life Sep 22, 2006 01:22pm

Damn you Mr Turner.
All my stuff is still in storage, so I can't break out my NES and gold Zelda.

#3 Glenn Turner Sep 23, 2006 07:31pm

Drat! Thanks - it's fixed now.