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Drunksaling Wash-Out

September 27, 2006 By Glenn Turner

Earlier this month I was marveling over the fact that this year, despite some menacing skies, we never had an entire garage sale Saturday called on account of weather. We usually have at least one or two weekend canceled because of rain, but we'd went approximately three months without meteorological interference and it looked like we were going to close out the saling season to the tune of beautiful skies and cool, crisp fall temperatures.

But alas, Mother Nature had other plans. On Friday, among other problems, we were disrupted by a severe storm and even tornado sirens! Word was out that Saturday was likely to be similarly brutal, and this was reflected in the paltry number of sales we scraped from our local paper.

Nevertheless Saturday, while looking slightly dismal, started off decently, meteorologically speaking.

Unfortunately, the first sale we tried to attend had apparently been canceled, as we saw not a sign of life anywhere around their address. In hindsight, I think we may have just shown up a bit too early, as the sale was slated to kick off at the tardy hour of ten o'clock.

At least I can use this as an excuse to show off our new-ish garage sale system. Prior to this year, we'd manually copy & paste the sales, then sort through them, then unitdaisy would assemble a map. Now, thanks to a small script I whipped up, I have the program fetch, parse, and plot all of our sales onto a large map. It then displays smaller 'close-up' maps for each individual sale. It's a decent system that saves us a lot of time and hand-wringing.

Slightly dismayed from the shuttered sale, we looked hard at the list and just realized there wasn't squat. Half the sales weren't even for that Saturday but were scheduled for Sunday, and the other half were sales that, under normal circumstances, we wouldn't even entertain the idea of attending. So we decided we'd run some errands, then hit up the usual thrift store suspects.

That was probably the correct decision as, while we were on the road, the skies went from mildly grey & troubled to dark & angered.

And then the clouds emptied themselves in a rather deafening manner. To avoid the storm, and fill our bellies, we stopped by The Tin Lizzie for some sandwiches & so unitdaisy could watch 'her game'.

Of course while in the pub the storm briefly subsided, only to get its second wind shortly after the game's fourth quarter, leaving us to brave the wet anyways.

We did find time to swing by one thrift store, but that was just as they were closing up shop. In a bit of a mad rush, I pawed through the available games and came out with the following:

I'm firmly aware that all four games are widely considered lackluster and/or not exceptional, but Emergency: Fire Response toes dangerously close to my coveted 'disaster' genre, so I couldn't leave it behind. And Baku Baku? Come on, it's a Sega-created puzzle game. As for the bottom row, I'm not really sure why I bought Post Mortem. I believe that, in the flurry of sorting through the CD cases, I confused it with another generic adventure title since I couldn't stand the game's sequel, Still Life. On the other hand Legend of Dragoon was purchased quite intentionally for five dollars.

So at least we headed home with some games in-hand, even though we didn't do much in the way of saling. But hey, that's what these journals are for, no?

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2 comments for ‘Drunksaling Wash-Out’

#1 KillerTeddy Sep 27, 2006 04:11pm

HEY- Dragoon was hella sweet.

#2 WholeFnShow Sep 27, 2006 07:56pm

Baku Baku is made of Yes. I played that demo for-absolutely-ever way back when. I still don't get the appeal of Dragoon though. Demon's Gate still makes me guffaw any appeal away from the game.