The Secret of God Hand

July 25, 2006 By Glenn Turner

God Hand

Since the Okami website was filled with treasure, I thought I'd see what secrets other Clover Studio project websites might contain, projects like their eccentric brawler God Hand. And, while I didn't find anything as gob-smackingly good as Double God Hand Dragon, it does have Godgame.

Godgame is a simple, but fun, little 2D game embedded into the bottom of the God Hand website (warning: embedded sound, Flash required). Toggle Godgame on and throngs of enemies will encroach upon Our Hero. Your goal is to repeatedly click on each enemy, reducing their health, until they fall. For each hit they take, your 'Godhand' meter rises incrementally, and when it finally maxes out you're bestowed the Godmouse, temporarily giving one-click-kill powers.

Despite the presence of a level number, I found no way to actually level-up Our Hero, so the game remains extraordinarily one-dimensional. However, there's a nice little trick in the site*. Click on 'Secrets', then start up Godgame and play until your Godmouse is activated. Then repeatedly punch away at the secret panel until it falls off and enjoy the aural fruits of your labor (although I will warn you, the 'secret' is very disco-esque)!

*I'll conveniently ignore the possibility that these directions are explained to you on the site, as I'm quite ignorant of the language.

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1 comment for ‘The Secret of God Hand’

#1 KillerTeddy Jul 26, 2006 04:28pm

Jesus christ, that was a good workout :(