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Multitap: Xbox 360 Revealed on MTV

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After a very long nap, Multitap wakes up, rubs the sleep out of its eyes and finds itself watching the 'Xbox 360 Revealed' MTV special, featuring some guy wearing a Gogol Bordello shirt. Good for him.

Multitap #13 - E3, E3 and E3 2004

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Multitap, rise from your grave! Today we wrap up our tardy E3 coverage by mixing and mincing words about what Ronn experienced and I merely viewed through an Internet browser. And boy are there a lot of words.

Multitap #12- WebTV and the Xbox, Sega & Sammy, and we meet our quota of N-Gage Bashing

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Multitap returns with special guest 'The Tick'! This week we see WebTV fighting for recognition, extend lamentations to Sega and join the rest of the world in hating the N-Gage. Sue me, I was hurtin' for real notable news.

Multitap #11: Studies, Half-Truths and Outright Lies

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The long-lost Multitap feature returns this week with special contributer eclipse joining the fun & games. Literally - we had a little tea party and played Harvest Moon. Good times.

Multitap #10: Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo.

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Multitap returns, but this week we have a guest commentator - an enigmatic person known only as 'The Tick', presumably known for either his fancy for parasites, or an affection for Ben Edlund creations. Either way, this week we turn our eyes and mouths to recent Nintendo rumors and news.

Multitap #9: Prisoners & GTA3, Rotk Online & Some Fearsome MTV Scheming

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Multitap is back with Attercob filling the imposing shoes that Unitdaisy usually wallows in. This week: RotK online, crime simulators & prisoners and MTV's plans for gamers.

Multitap #8 - Embarrassing Companies, The Warp Pipe Project and Cake!

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Want to play the upcoming Mario Cart game online? Like mocking game companies? Or are you just hankering for some finely crafted cake? If your answer is 'Yes' to any of the above, come on in!

Multitap #7 - Learning & Blackouts

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There have been better weeks, and there have been worst weeks. This week we lazily bitch about Sega's latest marketing attempt, current sales in Japan and more. Hey, cut us some slack - it's fucking hot out.

Multitap #6 - Games and Work, new Gameboy and Activision vs. Viacom

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This week we take a look at Bring Lara Croft to Work Day, Activision vs. Viacom in a war to decide who has botched up the Star Trek universe the most and speculate on the next GameBoy.

Multitap #5 - Downloadable Content, $60 Games & the GBA 3D FX Super Happy Chip

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This week unitdaisy and I quabble over the Return to Wolfenstein Xbox Live maps fiasco, speculate on the price point of games and relive history with Nintendo.

Multitap #4 - Bake a Cake for Sega

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This week we lament Sega turning off non-PSO Dreamcast servers, talk about cake and plunder the depths of the Hollywood mind.

Multitap #3: More offtopic than ever before!

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This week learn how much I hate Best Buy and how Unitdaisy is able to fit Lord of the Rings into any column. Oh, and we get into a tiff about the PSX.

Multitap #2: GBAs, Babes & Middle Earth

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Unitdaisy and I scan over the lingering E3 questions such as What the hell is Nintendo thinking? and There's no way in hell I'll ever let Unitdaisy 50ft near Middle Earth Online.

Multitap #1 - E3 footage, bitching & moaning.

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This week we kick off Multitap, where unitdaisy and I take a look at current gaming topics. This week: we look at what games went wild during E3 and taunt each other. Thanks to modern technology, it feels like we were in the thick of the action, brushing elbows with some of the world's greasiest and most bitter game "journalists."

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