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Read 'Notepad: Feeding Cookies to Moai During the Civil War'

Notes from my gaming underground.

Read 'Nervous Brickdown & the Space In-between'

What gameplay exists between screens?

Sam & Max: Episode 5 - 'Reality 2.0' Impressions

Read 'Sam & Max: Episode 5 - 'Reality 2.0' Impressions'

"The Internet is here. It has lost its respect for living things."

Columns: Glimmering Sights & Sounds (Game Gear)

Read 'Columns: Glimmering Sights & Sounds (Game Gear)'

Night falling on a jewel-encrusted skyline...

Worms: Open Warfare (DS) - Withered on the Sidewalk

Read 'Worms: Open Warfare (DS) - Withered on the Sidewalk'

These poor little worms should have stayed in the ground.

Gun & the Two Minute Rule

Read 'Gun & the Two Minute Rule'

Move 'em on, head 'em up. Head 'em up, move 'em out.

Rise of the Kasai & the Overbearing Art of the Cutscene

Read 'Rise of the Kasai & the Overbearing Art of the Cutscene'

Occasionally I play through a large chunk of a game and never finish it, but still have a desire to write about it. The following is written partially in response to what caused me to put the controller down: the cutscenes. They're gorgeous.

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