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January 7, 2008Glenn Turner

Now that I'm a happier gamer, the next step is being a more productive gamer. And productivity isn't just a matter of managing to play more games, but to also get more out of my gaming time. Hopefully the following 2008 New Year's gaming resolutions will allow me to accomplish that goal:

1. Stop gamesterbating.

It's a crude way of putting it, but I have to stop splurging my free time on games I've already milked dry. Last year I vowed to curb playing crap games and, well, this year I want to spend more time exploring new game experiences instead of replaying my favorite songs in Guitar Hero ad nauseam or trawling through the same Burnout 3 Road Rage events.

2. Play more PC games.

An odd resolution since I finally switched my primary computer to a MacBook last year, but I realized far too late in 2007 that some of the brightest and best gaming moments this year were from independent PC game developers. Aquaria, Knytt Stories, Peggle, Minubeat, all sorts of great stuff only available on the PC. As an added bonus, many of the PC games I've had my eye on lately are bite-sized affairs and not nearly as time consuming as half the titles I played last year. More titles in less time!

3. Work on my own game.

Finally, something to show for my gaming efforts apart from textual diarrhea and XBL achievements! I haven't actively developed my own game since I was in grade school (an epic, ASCII-based adventure game, if you must know) but this year is the time to tinker. It won't be too ambitious, and I doubt it'll ever actually see the light of day, but I'm sure I'll learn quite a bit, have a some fun producing it to boot.

4. Spend less time reading game news.

Do I really care about downtime in the latest MMO that I don't play? Will reading that Super Smash Bros. Brawl might have 'gone gold' affect me in any way? Nope. While gossip and announcements are fun, too much of my current daily reading is consumed by skimming through news irrelevant to my gaming needs. Excising some of these news-based sites will free up more time to play, which can only be a good thing!

5. Log and periodically evaluate my gaming time.

Part of being productive is noting your prior accomplishments and failures, in preparation of the future. In work, I became quite a bit more productive when I started writing down my daily to-dos and noting what tasks I completed. I'd like that adopting this method will make me a more productive gamer. It'll allow me to keep tabs on whether I am actually playing more PC games in comparison to my consoles, figure out whether I'm spending too much time with one game, and whether I'm slacking in the gaming department all together!

Think these will work? Have any productivity suggestions, or want to chime in with your own resolutions? Let's hear them in the comments section!

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2 comments for ‘Resolute: Being a More Productive Gamer in 2008’

#1 WholeFnShow Jan 9, 2008 10:30pm

I, personally, need to finally put down Monster Hunter. After 573 hours of logged gametime, still having not beaten it, I can go ahead and ruin my life with part 2 and the soon to be released expansion.

I also have the urge to go back and relive a few games that desperately need more attention. The Jet Grind Radio series to be specific. That and SSX both deserve a few more play throughs in my mind.

Sink myself into an actual RPG. I've never been good at it, and I may have to settle for that RPG being Mass Effect since I'm so fickle about the genre. But I haven't been engrossed in a game's story elements since KoToR.

Treat the PSP like the handheld it is. No more hour long missions. I need quick fire fun. I'm looking at brain teasers of the past and future. I've recently picked up Hot Brain and PQ. I will be looking toward getting Crush and Technochrome when it releases.

#2 Unkle Jan 14, 2008 03:40pm

I totally agree. It's all too easy to get bogged down in something you like - take Halo 3 or COD4 for instance...

I've had to put 'caps' on how far I'm going to go with the game online. Spartan Officer and Level 55 respectively. I'd love to invest more time, but my poor Wii's getting lonely and I've got the whole epic journeys of Mario Galaxy and Zelda to enjoy.

Wish me luck. You know, I bet everyone's regretting bemoaning the state of console gaming at the start of last year... now we're almost spoiled for choice...