February 22, 2008Glenn Turner

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The Quest for the Perfect Game Face - Salon talks to David Cage and other game creatives about the perils and pitfalls of realistic characters and the uncanny valley. It's nice to see this topic getting some thoughtful mainstream attention, even if I'm slightly sick of hearing about the uncanny valley.

Coil (FLASH) - I'm extremely surprised that this cryptic Flash game hasn't been discussed more around recently. Yes, it revels in its obfuscation but ... each level is captivating in its own way, and there's substance in its intertitles! I'll be the first to admit it's trying a bit too hard but, nonetheless, I find it to be a compelling and intriguing experiment. [via TIGSource]

Real Fake Rock 'n Roll - Evan Jacover (full disclosure: he's the head of my bowling league, not to mention an all-around swell guy) manipulated his Wii Guitar Hero 3 guitar so he could use it as part of a recent live show. While I wish I had seen it in person, reading about it's the next best thing! Then tell him he's a great guy and that 'Thar She Bowls' deserves beaucoup bowling bonus points, for literation if nothing else.

Icon Watch - This watch is too good to be true. Unfortunately, I think my wrist is a tad too high-res for it.

Silent Hill Should Be Good - Comics Should Be Good! examines the latest Silent Hill comic series, and label it as quality. If nothing else, this severely reminds me that I need to pick up The Silent Hill Experience.

THE TYPING ...OF THE PEPSI (FLASH) - Not nearly as much fun as the SEGA original (or even the original Pepsi Flash game), and yeah, it's your basic typing game, but who doesn't love typing games? Unfortunately it lacks zombies. You give a little, you get ... little.

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