April 18, 2008Glenn Turner

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A History of Game Controllers at the Museum of Modern Art - MoMA's current Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition features this breakdown of videogame controllers and, while it's certainly not exhaustive, its inclusion in their interfaces section certainly is notable. The exhibit's open until May 12th and features a few other game-centric pieces, such as Ben Fry's Pac-Man algorithmic map.

Xevious: Autopsy of a Battlefield & Solvalou vs Fischinger: These two Xevious-inspired pieces from Retro Sabotage are their most thoughtful and provoking works yet. Autospy... provides a ponderous look at a gamefield when play has passed, while Solvalou vs Fischinger uses Oskar Fischinger's Study 6 in, what could be interpreted as, a meditation on the visual rhythm, ebb and flow, of 'shmup' objects. Great abstract works well worth your time.

The Making of The Thing - An intriguing post-mortem from EDGE on Computer Artworks's trials and tribulations shaping an engaging, clever and faithful sequel to Carpenter's masterpiece. While the end result may have been a bit muddled, they certainly weren't short of ambition.

Invaders iPhone - While you're waiting for Space Invaders Extreme to sail over to the U.S., go ahead and get a load of this Invaders-etched iPhone. It's certainly a lot more impressive than the picture of my cat acting as my iPhone wallpaper! [via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories]

JoJo's Real World Fashion Show - Couture Salope re-enacts Gamelab's endearing fashion game with items from her own wardrobe. Unfortunately, it's just a teaser. I wish others would jump on the idea and show off the results! [via Gamelab]

Space Invaders 2003 - One final bit of invader love. This video may be an oldie, but it's a goodie! [reminder via Literati]

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