Gamer Remix Review #9: Hazel vs. Galway - Comic Bakery

January 21, 2004 By Glenn Turner

I'm a big fan of video games. I'm also a huge music fan, especially of the electronic variety. Merging the two is one of life's more delicious inventions, like peanut butter & jelly or computers and a musty basement. Unfortunately, it appears that all too many people have not been exposed to this niche genre of music so in order to illuminate and thwart our current update policy, every Tuesday I'll take a short look at one of many fine video game remixes.

This week's remix: Hazel vs. Galway - Comic Bakery [Retro Magic]

I typically make it a point to not duplicate remixed games in the remix reviews, however we technically never reviewed a Comic Bakery remix before - I just linked the Press Play on Tape Comic Bakery Boy Band video some time ago (and if you haven't bothered downloading it before, you are missing out on some silly satire and camp). However, this Comic Bakery mix is a different beast all together, what I like to refer to as a drunken electro-beast of a remix. It's backbeat slowly slumbers along while a filter sweep keeps the energy flowing in a way that will make you exclaim 'It's time to strut!' and the tinny melody pierces the song's texture. It's a unique sound that sharply stands out in waves of four-on-the-floor mediocre midi hack mixes, and would even be welcome in the opening of a club playlist.

Even if you aren't that familiar with Comic Bakery or it's infectious tune, if you're looking for a slightly dreamy, but not candy coated electronic composition you really can't go wrong with this mix (and out of the 25,000 Comic Bakery remixes I've heard, this one is definitely up there as one of the finest). However, like most C64 remixes this mix was previously hosted by remix.kwed which apparently has encountered severe hard drive failures recently - hopefully they'll be back up online, and send them some money if you've been over there in the past - they definitely deserve it. Either way, for the moment I'm hosting it here as I was unable to find any other sources. Enjoy!

  • Download Hazel vs. Galway's Comic Bakery [Retro Magic] remix
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