Gamer Remix Review #17: analoq - man sieht sich galaxie (Commander Keen 4)

July 8, 2004 By Glenn Turner

I'm a big fan of video games. I'm also a huge music fan, especially of the electronic variety. When I combine the two like some deliciously perverted concoction, I get video game music remixes! Occasionally I take a short and sexy look at a fine video game remixes, hand-plucked from the cruft .

This week's remix: analoq - man sieht sich galaxie (Commander Keen 4)

We all have contributor mee Ronn to thank for bringing this mix to my attention. Man sieht sich galaxie (which Google tells me stands for 'one sees oneself to galaxy', which only tells me that online translation services need more spit-polish, and that I should remember more from the German classes I took in college) is a work of subtle beauty and slothful delight, all derived from Commander Keen 4. This is the kind of remix you pipe through your speakers after getting home from a long day of hard, soulless work feeling completely exhausted and worn down. You grab a drink, perhaps a smoke if that's your sort of thing, sit back in your chair, put your feet up and tepidly tap with the snare's languid beat while a content smile crosses your face. Yes, it's that fulfilling. From the opening fuzz and distorted rambling to the sparse melody delivered by one raspy, FX'ed-out guitar, this mix saunters at its own pace, enough to intrigue you and coax you to whistle along with it - just like the two of you are walking hand-in-hand in the park together. Finally, a strained vocoded voice flatly eeking out 'Goodbye Galaxy' (Commander Keen 4's subtitle, for those needing crib notes) caps you off and eases you into a gentle slumber via a solemn piano solo.

Now, while I may remember (vividly!) the Commander Keen 4 experience, which back in those days couldn't get you much closer to the quintessential console experience on your PC, unfortunately I recall very little of the soundtrack (and now its tune refuses to flow through my modern sound card). Despite (or perhaps in spite) of any retro-rose-colored headphones, this mix brings home the goods. By all means get your hands on it and while you're at it, Commander Keen 4 is still available as shareware from 3DRealms so you might as well wrap your fingers around that ball of candy-like sweetness too!

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