Gamer Remix Review #16: adhesive boy - Braving the Flames (Super Metroid)

May 20, 2004 By Glenn Turner

I'm a big fan of video games. I'm also a huge music fan, especially of the electronic variety. Merging the two is one of life's more delicious inventions, like peanut butter & jelly or computers and a musty basement. Unfortunately, it appears that all too many people have not been exposed to this niche genre of music so in order to illuminate and thwart our current update policy, once a week I'll take a short look at one of many fine video game remixes available.

This week's remix: adhesive boy - Braving the Flames (Super Metroid)

My recent endeavor into Metroid: Zero Mission had me out on the hunt for Metroid themes this week, and adhesive boy's mix hit the spot. Braving the Flames is an engaging take on the Norfair 2 theme that titillates a particular experimental vein in my body. Apparently, he has a penchant for throwing as many instruments and tones into the mix as there are weapon & armor extensions in the game. While normally this might lend towards a schizophrenic mix, he handles it well and never lets the new elements overshadow the over-arching theme or overstay its welcome. Consequently, the mix becomes a soothing orchestral medley not unpleasent to the ear. As if that weren't enough, he throws in a vast number of tempo changes that keep the pace lively and unpredictable without being distracting, and sprinkles a smattering of wind and tribal elements to retain the haunting, organic feeling that is the essence of the Metroid series.

The end result is a rearrangement that captures the minor victories as well as the lonesome melancholy that each Metroid mission represents, and is a hearty addition to your remix list if you're not afraid of a few dips in the BPM or experimental tones.

  • Download adhesive boy's Braving the Flames (Super Metroid Remix)
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