Gamer Remix Review #13: HappyBivouac - Jet Set Radio Late Night Sneakin'

April 19, 2004 By Glenn Turner

I'm a big fan of video games. I'm also a huge music fan, especially of the electronic variety. Merging the two is one of life's more delicious inventions, like peanut butter & jelly or computers and a musty basement. Unfortunately, it appears that all too many people have not been exposed to this niche genre of music so in order to illuminate and thwart our current update policy, every Tuesday I'll take a short look at one of many fine video game remixes.

This week's remix: HappyBivouac - Jet Set Radio Late Night Sneakin'

Speaking as someone who just finally finished Jet Grind Radio (Jet Set Radio for you purists) within the last few months, the Jet Grind/Set soundtrack is still fresh in my mind. Even if it weren't, I would have an extremely difficult time forgetting it - Hideki Naganuma's tracks were by far some of the most whimsical, dynamic and catchy tunes ever laid down for a game. To top off his fine electronic compositions, several ways of mixing and transitioning from song to song were added while you played, to emphasize the fact that yes, DJ-Professor K is behind the turntables and indeed, Jet Grind Radio is being pumped through your characters headphones.

In the case of Late Night Sneakin', HappyBivouac mixes up 'Professor K's mad skills' focusing on 'Let Mom Sleep' and 'Sneakman' to play with. Quite a bit of the original tracks remain, which apparently caused quite a bit of stir when the Overclocked judges were mulling over the mix. Yes, it doesn't deviate much from the source material however that is certainly the point - remixing the remix, refining the original fusion. It adds brilliantly to the original and is the logical step for a Jet Grind remix, and it infuses the original by bringing some new sounds and percussion into the mix. The drum breaks are interesting without being self-indulgent, segues are original and executed with flair, and most importantly it never becomes as grating as some parts of the original soundtrack can. Yes, there's some minor clipping here and there but it's a small price to pay for a remix that pays tribute to the original in such an insightful, distinct and well-honed manner.

  • Download HappyBivouac's Jet Set Radio Late Night Sneakin' (Overclocked) Remix
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