Gamer Remix Review #12: Machinae Supremacy - Sidology Episode 3

February 27, 2004 By Glenn Turner

I'm a big fan of video games. I'm also a huge music fan, especially of the electronic variety. Merging the two is one of life's more delicious inventions, like peanut butter & jelly or computers and a musty basement. Unfortunately, it appears that all too many people have not been exposed to this niche genre of music so in order to illuminate and thwart our current update policy, every Tuesday I'll take a short look at one of many fine video game remixes.

This week's remix: Machinae Supremacy - Sidology Episode 3 (Apex Ultima)

In the last Gamer Remix column I featured a Depeche Mode GameBoy Megamix, and in this column it's only fair that I submit the only platform megamix I've ever heard. Well, to be fair, this is part 2 of their megamix (unless Episode 2 is available somewheres). I'm talking about Machinae Supremacy's Sidology - a whirling, thrashing, stage diving dervish cacophony of c64 soundtracks, smouldered into (in this track's case) seven minutes. I've heard rock remixes before, but this takes the concept out of the ballpark, past the metal arena and into a nebulous region I like to call 'utterly visceral'. And I'm not even a fan of guitar-based remixes!

Simply put, all of Machinae Supremacy's remixes (as well as original work) are for those that like a bit of thrash & energy in their musical diet. Sidology Episode Three is by far the extreme out of their c64 remixes, and that's why I utterly love it. Not to mention it's an amalgam of various c64 remixes that are perfectly segued in and out of, as smooth and calculated as a TI-80. It's these segues that keep the track so engaging and compelling (although the speed certainly helps) - there is never a dull point. For any fan of hard-hitting music and isn't afraid of a bit of guitar (nostalgia is just an added plus) definitely click through. And don't forget to check out their site for more downloadable goodness!

  • Download Machinae Supremacy's Sidology Episode 3 (Apex Ultima) Remix
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    #1 William Sep 14, 2008 08:39pm

    If you like Machinae Supremacy Episode 3, you'll like its better half Episode 2.

    Machinae Supremacy had 4 albums for free download on their website, Jets n' Guns, Fury, Origin, and Arcade.

    While the pages have been taken down, the files are still available on the website, you'll just need to use the cached versions of the page.