Chi-Style Drunksaling: Vol. 5.10 - Memory Cards for the Save-Impaired

October 2, 2006 By Glenn Turner

Unitdaisy and I were so inspired by the (now defunct) drunkgamers.com's garagesaling adventures that we decided to follow their example and searched about Chicago, scrounging for games and, when we were done, forced others to relive our experience.

For those unfamiliar with the term drunksaling, it's simple: it's kamikaze garagesaling for video games! The following events transpired on September 16th, 2006.

G. Turner: Another Saturday, another gorgeous garage sale day*. Too bad someone kicked this sign when it was down though. (P.S. That's our fabled Silent Hill hospital making a cameo appearance in the background!)

G. Turner: unitdaisy was nice enough to notify the seller that the sign was non-functional, for whatever it was worth.

unitdaisy: I try to be a good karma garage sailer. I had hoped that karma would reap me many rewards in my own garage sale this week but sadly it was canceled by babies.

G. Turner: Another accordion! Unfortunately this one has seen better days - its torn airholes belie its age.

unitdaisy: We would have had quite the accordion collection. Ah the bellows....

G. Turner: I don't know, are you? Last night's a bit of a blur.

unitdaisy: Ahem.

G. Turner: Memoirs of a Canary.

G. Turner: No one's going to miss seeing that sign.

unitdaisy: Although it was one sided, I guess they just wanted customers from the south side of the street.

G. Turner: The missus said this was an overhead photo of Midway International Airport, whereas I firmly stated it was of Chicago's classic airport, O'Hare International. Guess who was oh-so-wrong?

unitdaisy: I supposed and you supposed, you were certainly not firm in your belief, Mr. Truth-Repainter.

G. Turner: After being firmly disappointed with the local garage sales, we stopped by the thrift store for even more dissatisfaction.

G. Turner: Why, I'm positive that copy of Adobe Illustrator is completely and utterly legitimate, aren't you? Also, the elder game to its left is the copy of Wing Commander V we passed on last week.

unitdaisy: Of course the Illustrator is legit. If it had been illegal they would have come up with a secret name for labeling it. Maybe 'Stucco Drawing Program'

G. Turner: My apologies for the blurriness of this photo. The boredom overcame me and caused me to nod off, jarring the camera lightly as my palm slammed down on the camera. Whoops. Abe's Exoddus did come home with me though.

unitdaisy: Goodness knows some of the display glass we look through is just as distorted.

G. Turner: It's probably about time I forgive Alan Dean Foster for Quozl, isn't it?

G. Turner: Remember Fabulous Fred from a few weeks ago? This is what happens when you're left on the market for too long. No, it's not pretty, and just remember this the next time you say 'I'll buy it next week'.

G. Turner: Tromambalone!

unitdaisy: We will have the best collection of old musical instruments! Oh wait, best collection of pictures of old musical instruments. Bah.

G. Turner: Those of you sick of me talking about bill sin-kev-itch probably should avert your eyes. We stumbled upon this set of Shadow comics he illustrated. Too bad most of them were horribly waterdamaged. Luckily this particular thrift store had a couch nearby, which made my reading most comfortable.

unitdaisy: And gave me more time to look for furniture!

G. Turner: I have to say, I was terribly excited to find this non-game disc, as I desperately wanted to contrast it against the Source-based map. Unfortunately I was unable to get it running, which just reinforced the need for a dummy low-grade PC machine to reside in the corner of my office.

unitdaisy: Hrm, well if you can fit it in your office, maybe you can stack it on top of your unused Alienware case.

G. Turner: A sale so great they had to sign it twice!

unitdaisy: I just hope the sale made enough money to recoup the cost of that fancy sign.

G. Turner: I can't speak for their garden, but if it's anything like their garage sale...

G. Turner: See? It's a garden of obsolescence!

unitdaisy: I don't know how people run these huge messy sales, they must get up at 5 in the morning to drag everything out and then stay out until 8pm to drag everything back in.

G. Turner: What a racket! Yeah, unitdaisy punched me when I said earlier too.

unitdaisy: Note: will punch you again when I see you.

G. Turner: A buck down, a thousand dinosaurs to go.

G. Turner: I nabbed the non-sports, non-adaptation releases from this box.

G. Turner: I first noticed this one binder of Magic cards ...

unitdaisy: Is giant cheese head really a Magic character?

G. Turner: ...then I saw it surrounded by about a dozen other similar binders.

G. Turner: PSOne mystery bag! Either we didn't see this on our first walk-through, or it was placed on the tables after we'd finished photo'ing the Genesis. Either way, I pawed through it for ...

G. Turner: ...some PSOne Memory Cards! I highly doubt my friend Devin-who-no-longer-lives-in-Chicago is reading this but, if he is, you can have your PSOne Memory Card back! I don't need it anymore!

unitdaisy: I'm sure Devin has been patiently watching the mail, poor Devin.

G. Turner: Also, Streets of Rage 2, yes I prophetize that I have some good times waiting for me.

unitdaisy: Leave your rage out on the street, I don't want any of that in the house.

G. Turner: The scope of this picture doesn't do this sale justice - it was literally half-an-acre of a yard+garage full of furniture & knicknacks. And when we asked if they had any video games for sale they snidely responded that they specifically stated on the sign that they had "no kids-stuff". Jerks. Way to end our week by making us feel like immature prats. I hope you're happy!

* These events occurred before the storm detailed in this garagesaling complainfest.

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8 comments for ‘Chi-Style Drunksaling: Vol. 5.10 - Memory Cards for the Save-Impaired’

#1 w3a2 Oct 3, 2006 07:42pm

streets of rage. i remember playing that in kmart once and totally annoying him by pressing that buttom which shoots the rockets from the car.

is that streets of rage?

#2 4_point_maverick Oct 3, 2006 07:57pm

Thought that was NARC (the NES one).

#3 Soup Oct 4, 2006 12:54am

yes, giant cheese head really is a magic character. It's from the Unglued series, which eschews any semblence of plot (which they do try to do with most expansion series) in lieu of balls to the wall funny. There are cards like Blacker Lotus (add four mana of the same color to your pool, TEAR UP card) and "Look at Me, I'm the DCI" (Ban any one card from the game). it's hilarious if you know Magic.


#4 WholeFnShow Oct 6, 2006 12:58am

I don't think I've ever wanted to give anyone a wedgie anymore than I do right now.

#5 jt-3d Oct 6, 2006 01:30am

G. Turner wrote:
What happens when thrift store items are left on the market for too long? The answer to this question, and much more, lay inside.

Read more

It's a trick! You'll have to click another link to answer the question. If you fall for this, you'll be link clicking forever and next thing you know you'll have to have broadband and you'll be an interweb addict. Just say no.

Oh, but good read. Maybe I'm getting more receptive or you and UD are getting better at funny. I am probably just unsucking though. Still, I'm one funny fucker.

#6 Glenn Turner Oct 6, 2006 09:30am

Soup wrote:
yes, giant cheese head really is a magic character. It's from the Unglued series, which eschews any semblence of plot (which they do try to do with most expansion series) in lieu of balls to the wall funny. There are cards like Blacker Lotus (add four mana of the same color to your pool, TEAR UP card) and "Look at Me, I'm the DCI" (Ban any one card from the game). it's hilarious if you know Magic.



#7 Rex Warner Oct 9, 2006 03:06pm

Please tell me you didn't consider Road Rash a sports game.

#8 Glenn Turner Oct 9, 2006 03:15pm

Nope - I may be dense sometimes, but not that dense! I made sure to nab it.